• The domains of the Decision Support Tool

    Posted in NHS Continuing Healthcare on Feb 24, 2020.

    Our blog post ‘An introduction to the decision process for NHS Continuing Healthcare’ introduced the Decision Support Tool (DST) used to gather evidence and assess the level of care needs for an individual in order to recommend whether they are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare. We will now investigate the highest level of care needs that are classified within each domain, at the most severe level (‘priority’, ‘severe’ or ‘high’) for an individual to able to access NHS funding.

    The first care domain that is assessed is ‘breathing’. Being unable to breathe independently and thus requiring...

  • An Introduction to the Decision Process for NHS Continuing Healthcare

    Posted in NHS Continuing Healthcare on Feb 17, 2020.

    An Introduction to the Decision Process for NHS Continuing Healthcare

    A Decision Support Tool (DST) is used by the Department of Health and Social Care to determine whether a patient is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding. The most recent tool was published in March 2018 and revised in October 2018. A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of an individual's current health and social care needs is completed by a multidisciplinary team (MDT). The MDT compromises of at least two professionals from different healthcare professions. The needs of the individual in question are divided ...

  • What's changed in the National Framework?

    Posted in Community Care, NHS Continuing Healthcare on Oct 24, 2018.

    Framework Article Front cover.png The statutory Framework Guidance which is used to provide guidance as to whether an individual is entitled to receive Continuing Healthcare funding has been reviewed.

    Since November 2012 when the Framework Guidance was amended following the court case of Coughlan, public sector funding has altered; also we’ve seen more people become aware of the availability of this type of funding and more recently in the South West and yet, sadly, more people being declined funding where in years gone by it would have been awarded.

    The framework identifies how decisions have to be made by Clinical Commissio...

  • Rise in care homes going out of business

    Posted in Community Care on Apr 25, 2016.

    The number of care home providers going bust in England and Wales rose last year, according to research. An analysis by accountancy firm Moore Stephens found 47 care home operators became insolvent in 2014-15, up from 40 the previous year and 35 in 2012-13.

  • Older Persons Event

    Posted in Community Care, NHS Continuing Healthcare on Apr 11, 2016.

    Exciting event in Plymouth on 25th May 2016


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